Academics K–8

Students who attend HCS grow in faith and character as they nourish their minds through our Christian-based academic program.


Our all-day kindergarten program builds upon what the children learned in preschool with the “ABC’s of ACE Learn to Read” program, a full-color phonics curriculum that students progress through based on the mastery principle. Kindergarteners enjoy hands-on learning activities as they develop reading and math skills through art, music, and movement in a Christian environment.

Grades 1 to 8

Students in the first through eighth grades use the computer-based Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. ACE breaks down the conventional textbook style and divides it into individualized learning tools called PACES (Personal Accountability Character Enhancement Series). Each PACE is a bite-sized, achievable, work text that equates to a chapter in a textbook. 

Each grade level includes 12 PACES in each subject and integrates scripture, Biblical truths, and Christian character traits. Students begin at their performance level and progress through the mastery program, which is designed to continually teach new concepts while building reading skills. 

Since 1970, A.C.E. PACES have proven effective tools for goal setting and achieving academic excellence and spiritual maturity. Students who have completed our K–12 program are well-prepared for and excel in higher education. In addition, our students participate in teacher-led classes, such as music and P.E.