Athletics & Activities

Developing well-rounded students goes beyond academics. Students who attend HCS may participate in sports led by HCS coaches or choose to join a team at a local public school or club program.

Extracurricular Sports

With parental, instructor, and coach approvals, students in grades four through twelve may choose to participate in our extracurricular sports programs. We consider academic balance vital to earning the privilege of participating in our extracurricular sports programs, and we expect our athletes to maintain acceptable spiritual, academic, and behavioral standards, including recitation of the previous month’s scripture. 

Extracurricular sports activities may vary from year to year based on student interest and the number of participants. We will recognize our athletes at a sports award night each spring.

High School Athletics

As an associate member of OSAA, HCS high school students may elect to participate in athletics at their local public school. To maintain eligibility, students must practice academic balance (including memorization of the previous month’s scripture verse), good attendance, and good attitude.

Field Trips

Field trips provide an educational excursion and incentive for students to work hard on their academics. From time to time, we will take all-school field trips. We will also schedule field trips as a reward for students who qualify academically.