We’ve compiled the answers to the questions we hear most frequently for at-your-fingertips access. Still looking for answers? Just give us a call; we’re always happy to help.

What time does school start?

We begin our day at 8:30 a.m. and dismiss students at 4:00 p.m. Visit our Calendar page for the schedule.

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What do I need to do when my child is absent from school?

Please call our office on the day of the absence, and let us know the reason for your child’s absence.

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What is the tardy policy?

School begins at 8:30 a.m. If you are late getting your child to school, we require you to accompany and sign in your child at the office. High school students who drive to school may sign themselves in. Please contact us in the event of an emergency, or provide us with advance notice if a student will be tardy due to an appointment. We require tardy students to make up those minutes during the first break. 

Punctuality is a character quality that God desires of us all. We expect our students to be on time every morning and for each class during the day. Four or more tardies per quarter disqualifies students from perfect attendance, and excessive tardies may result in suspension or dismissal from Hermiston Christian School.

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Do you offer before or after-school care?

Yes, yes we do! 

Before-School Care
We will have one staff member available for before-school care starting at 7:15 a.m. The cost is $30 per month, which we will add to your bill. If you require before-school care for any lesser time between 7:30 and 8:00, we will bill you at a rate of $25 per month. Please visit the office to sign your child up for before-school care and obtain a copy of the drop-off instructions. We will keep all before-school care students in the gymnasium until 8:00 a.m.

After-School Care
We offer after-school care in the gymnasium or resource room from 4:15 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. at a cost of $35 per month. 

We expect parents to pick up their children at 4:00 p.m. Our teachers will supervise children outside or in the west foyer until 4:15 p.m. Students who have not been picked up by 4:15 p.m. will automatically go into after-school care and be charged $1 per minute for the care. We will not have personnel available to monitor the west entrance, so you will need to come to the gymnasium or resource room to retrieve your child. We will provide you with an invoice detailing the number of minutes and charge for that day; the charges will appear on your next bill. If you know that you cannot pick your child up before 4:15 p.m., we advise you to arrange for daily after-school care at a much reduced rate. Parents, please understand that by 4:15 p.m. our teachers have already put in a full day and often still have scores to record or other paperwork to complete before going home. Unless a teacher has specifically requested a student stay after school, we will not allow students to wait for pickup in a classroom.

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What is the dress code?

We require students to be clean and neatly dressed in properly fitting (not oversized or tight) uniforms at all times. Students may wear plain white T-shirts under their uniform shirts provided the sleeves and shirt bottom do not hang out of the uniform shirt. Print a copy of our uniform requirements for this year to keep as a handy reminder.

Girls’ Uniforms:

  • Bottoms—khaki jumper, skirt, or slacks. Jumper and skirt lengths must reach at or below the knee.
  • Tops—navy, light blue, or purple (ULC) polo-style shirt with school initials
  • Shoes—closed-toe (no sandals); heels no higher than two inches

Boys’ Uniforms:

  • Bottoms—khaki dress slacks worn with a belt 
  • Tops—navy, light blue, or purple (ULC) polo-style shirt with school initials
  • Shoes—solid, sturdy shoes (no sandals)

P. E. Uniform Shirts (both boys and girls):

Students must wear a P.E. uniform to receive credit for the class.

  • Please purchase the P.E. uniform through Hermiston Christian School Store.
  • All grade levels may wear black sports pants, sweats, or black shorts with a minimum inseam of nine inches. We do not permit leggings or spandex unless worn under long shorts.
  • Students may wear any athletic shoe.


  • We require boys to maintain a neat, tapered cut at all times (off the collar and out of the eyes). We do not permit facial hair; sideburns may extend the length of half the ear.
  • We do not permit extreme hairstyles and/or hair coloring.


Boys: We permit watches, rings, and modest neck chains; we do not allow any other jewelry. 

Girls: We permit students to wear limited accessories with uniforms; no heavy, dangling jewelry (including beaded necklaces, charm bracelets, belts). Girls may wear conservative earrings; we will not permit more than two earrings per ear, earrings that dangle over ½” below the ear, or earrings that are larger than a quarter in size. Girls should limit the amount of makeup worn and wear only light color tones of nail polish. We do not permit the application of makeup or nail polish at school. 

 General Guidelines:

  • Please do not wear perfumes, aftershave, and the like. Many people have allergies, and we need to be considerate of their wellbeing. 
  • Please obtain permission prior to changing clothes at school.
  • Once you are out of uniform, please leave the school; do not return to the classroom. Please remember to be modest in your choice of attire or you may lose the privilege to change at school.
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Where do I purchase school uniforms?

We’ve made purchasing uniforms easy for you to order online (pre-K uniforms and slacks, skirts, jumpers for students in the seventh through twelfth grades may be purchased from any retailer).

HCS Spirit Store / (866) 996.5463
For shirts and P.E. uniforms (all sizes)

French Toast / (800) 373.6248
For classroom uniforms—child/youth/some adult sizes
Source Code—QS477CE

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Why do we need to wear a uniform?

We believe there are many reasons to wear uniforms.

  • As Christian youth, modest, neat attire helps us avoid the stumbling blocks that may arise from wearing immodest or sloppy dress.
  • When we set high standards, we avoid offending others.
  • Uniforms foster better discipline and higher academic standards. 
  • Uniforms improve self-image. 
  • Uniforms eliminate competition in dress between potential social climbers. 
  • Uniforms eliminate the daily decision of what to wear. 
  • School uniforms cost less per year than street wear.
  • Uniforms provide identification for our school’s “esprit-de-corps.” 
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How will I be notified if school is closed due to bad weather or other emergencies?

In case of a school closure, we will notify families via text and/or email through our Flash Alert system (you’ll need to make sure that you have subscribed and that your contact information is current). We will also post announcements here on our website, at KOHU (AM 1360) radio station, and on KNDU or KERPR TV stations/websites by 6:00 a.m. 

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Do you permit visitors on campus?

Yes. However, for the safety of our students and staff, we require all visitors to report to the office before entering a classroom. Although we discourage personal visitors to the classroom, we will allow visitors who obtain approval from the teacher at least one day in advance of the scheduled visit. We expect all personal visitors to recognize and adhere to our behavior patterns and to wear modest attire.

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Since Hermiston is not accredited, will this limit what colleges I can apply or gain acceptance to?

No, it will not. Colleges and universities do not require accreditation for private Christian schools when considering applicants. Registrars of such institutions consider the academic merits of individual students and evaluate each applicant’s academic aptitude through nationally standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT.

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Do you offer school lunches?

No, we do not currently have a meal program in place. We require students to bring their own lunches, and they may purchase milk to drink with their meals. For more information, stop by our School Meals page.

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May students who drive leave campus during the day to purchase lunch or come home?

No. For the safety of our students, we maintain a closed-campus policy. Students who need to leave campus during school hours must obtain permission from both the instructor and the principal and sign out/in at the office.

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My child must take medication during the school day. What is your medication policy?

We will administer prescription medications with a note from the parent that includes instructions. Please deliver the medication to your instructor for storing and dispensing. HCS does not administer medication for headaches, colds, etc., unless we have a signed Medication Permission form on file.

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May students use mobile phones or other electronic devices at school?

We do not permit electronic devices, cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc. on our campus and request that students do not bring them to school. Students who carry a cell phone at a parent’s request must turn it in to his/her teacher each morning, and we will return it after school hours.

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