Academics & Activities

Students who attend HCS grow in faith and character as they nourish their minds through our Christian-based academic program.


Four-year-olds love to learn about Jesus and His love for them. Our safe, nurturing environment is a special place where children can feel the encircling love of God. Please contact us to learn more about this wonderful program for your little ones.
Preschool is a very exciting time for children as they become more self-aware and learn to interact and develop friendships with their peers. During this year of growth, we prepare our littlest learners for the "Beginning-to-Read" program, which they will participate in during kindergarten.


Our all-day kindergarten program builds upon what the children learned in preschool with the “ABC’s of ACE Learn to Read” program, a full-color phonics curriculum that students progress through based on the mastery principle. Kindergarteners enjoy hands-on learning activities as they develop reading and math skills through art, music, and movement in a Christian environment.

Grades 1-8

Students in the first through eighth grades use the computer-based Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. ACE breaks down the conventional textbook style and divides it into individualized learning tools called PACES (Personal Accountability Character Enhancement Series). Each PACE is a bite-sized, achievable, work text that equates to a chapter in a textbook.
Each grade level includes 12 PACES in each subject and integrates scripture, Biblical truths, and Christian character traits. Students begin at their performance level and progress through the mastery program, which is designed to continually teach new concepts while building reading skills.
Since 1970, A.C.E. PACES have proven effective tools for goal setting and achieving academic excellence and spiritual maturity. Students who have completed our K–12 program are well-prepared for and excel in higher education. In addition, our students participate in teacher-led classes, such as music and P.E.

High School

Students in high school take classes through Ignitia, an online curriculum offered by Alpha Omega Publications, an excellent Christian curriculum provider. High school students also enjoy Bible and other elective subjects and may enroll in elective classes (not taught at HCS) at the local public school.
Diploma Programs
Students may choose to follow the diploma program best suited to help them achieve their post-graduate goals.
  • Basic
  • Honors Prep
  • College Prep
  • General Prep
  • Vocational Prep
Students at HCS may select from the following courses to satisfy their chosen diploma requirements. When selecting a diploma path, please speak with your instructor for guidance; we are happy to help.

Bible/Christian Education
  • New Testament Survey (1)
  • Old Testament  Survey (1) 
  • Bible Doctrine (1) 
  • Christian Faith & Living (1)

Foreign Language
  • Spanish I (1) 
  • Spanish II (1) 
  • Secondary Spanish (1)

Language Arts
  • Speech (½)
  • Etymology (1) 
  • Language Arts I, II, III, IV (1 ea) 
  • American Literature (½)

  • Accounting (1) 
  • Consumer Math (1) 
  • Economics (½) 
  • Business Computer Information Systems (1) 
  • Business Math (1) 

Social Studies
  • World History (1) 
  • U.S. History (1) 
  • Civics (½) 
  • World Geography (1) 
  • Oregon History (½) 
  • Civil War (½) 
  • 20th Century History (1) 
  • Vietnam Era History (1) 
  • Government & Economics (1) 

Fine Arts & General Electives
  • Music (½)  
  • Family & Consumer Science (1) 
  • Foundations for Living (1) 
  • Job Shadowing (½) 
  • Work Experience (1) 
  • College Planner (½)

  • Business Math (1) 
  • Consumer Math (1) 
  • Essentials of Math (½) 
  • Algebra I (1) 
  • Algebra II (1) 
  • Geometry (1) 
  • Trigonometry (½) 
  • Pre-Calculus (1)

  • General Science (1) 
  • Earth Science (1) 
  • Physical Science (1)
  • Biology (1) 
  • Chemistry (1) 
  • Physics (1)

  • Health (½) 
  • High School Health (½) 
  • Physical Education I, II, III, IV (½ each)

Off-Campus Classes
We require our students to take all of their core academic courses through HCS (math, language arts, science, SAS, health). Students may enroll in courses at another facility provided we do not offer the course at HCS. Attending an off-campus class must not interfere with the student’s academic performance at HCS.


Developing well-rounded students goes beyond academics. Students who attend HCS may participate in sports led by HCS coaches or choose to join a team at a local public school or club program.

With parental, instructor, and coach approvals, students in grades four through twelve may choose to participate in our extracurricular sports programs. We consider academic balance vital to earning the privilege of participating in our extracurricular sports programs, and we expect our athletes to maintain acceptable spiritual, academic, and behavioral standards, including recitation of the previous month’s scripture.
Extracurricular sports activities may vary from year to year based on student interest and the number of participants. We will recognize our athletes at a sports award night each spring.

As an associate member of OSAA, HCS high school students may elect to participate in athletics at their local public school. To maintain eligibility, students must practice academic balance (including memorization of the previous month’s scripture verse), good attendance, and good attitude.

Field Trips

Field trips provide an educational excursion and incentive for students to work hard on their academics. From time to time, we will take all-school field trips. We will also schedule field trips as a reward for students who qualify academically.