Dress Code Policy

For the Hermiston Christian School 2024 - 2025 School Year


PreK-12: All shirts must fit neatly. Tight, short, or over-sized, baggy shirts will not be allowed. School logo is optional. Polo shirts may be either black, purple, navy blue, light blue, gray, or white and may be worn interchangeably on any given school day. Also, a plain T-shirt may be worn underneath the polo shirt. It must be either plain white or match the same color as the worn polo. Long-sleeved undershirts must match the color of the worn polo shirt.

Students are allowed to wear crewneck sweatshirts, fleeces, and cardigan sweaters that include the school logo. These items may only be over the polo shirt.  They must be purchased at French Toast, Lands End, or Farm City Screen Printing under our school’s account. Only these sweater options will be allowed in the classroom. Anything else will only be worn outside during breaks.


PreK: Any slacks, jeans, shorts, skirts, or jumpers are allowed.
K-12: Slacks, shorts, skirts, or jumpers must be black, khaki, or navy blue. No capri, cropped, or cargo-style pants. Pants must fit properly with a natural waistline and no jean-style pockets. Skinny, tight, low-rise, hip-huggers, over-sized, or sagging pants will not be allowed. Belts are optional, but when worn must fit correctly at the student’s waist. Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must reach the knee.


PreK-12: Any tight fighting, sturdy, and closed toe shoes may be worn.


Students are permitted to wear jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Earrings are not permitted for boys. Girls may wear earrings, but they must be worn only on the earlobes. Other types of piercings are not permitted. Jewelry must not display or promote any symbols, slogans, or messages that contradict the school's values and beliefs.


There is no specific length requirement for hair, but all hairstyles must be neat and maintain a groomed appearance. Students are allowed to dye their hair; however, only natural hair colors are permitted.


PreK: does not have PE. No uniform necessary, but may order the HCS Eagles purple T-shirt from www.farmcityscreenprinting.com for some school spirit days.
K-12: PE uniforms consist of the HCS Eagles purple T-shirt from www.farmcityscreenprinting.com. Bottoms consist of plain black or gray knee-length athletic shorts or loose-fitting athletic pants. Logos are not allowed. No tight-fitting leggings or yoga pants allowed. Tennis shoes required.
  • K-3: Wear PE attire all day on PE days
  • 4-12: Bring PE attire and change on PE days


Clothing may be purchased at any retailer if it follows the stated guidelines. HCS has a school account with the following retailers that will allow you to shop from our approved clothing. Anything available on our school account at these sites that are not listed in the above guidelines are completely optional.

  • French Toast: www.frenchtoast.com  / School Code: QS477CE
  • Lands End: www.landsend.com / School Number: 900190489
  • Farm City Screen Printing: www.farmcityscreenprinting.com
    • Orders placed by Aug.1, 2024 will be delivered to the school and distributed during the Parent Orientation Night.

** The administration reserves the right to determine if specific articles are in violation of this policy and may request the removal of such items. By following these guidelines, we aim to maintain a respectful and inclusive atmosphere for all members of our school community. **