Spiritual Life

At HCS, we provide an environment that spiritually nurtures our students.
We emphasize spiritual life by providing opportunities for students to learn and understand Scripture at a deeper level and grow in knowledge as they engage in discussion, song, and service with their peers.


Each month we present a new Scripture for students to memorize. These selections vary in length but average about 10 verses. To be named on the honor roll or to participate in sports, we require students to recite the selections by the end of each month/quarter. Students who memorize all nine references will receive a trophy. We allow students one week after the end of each quarter to complete that quarter’s Scriptures.


As part of our regular spiritual program at Hermiston Christian School, students attend Chapel once a week. Deepening one’s relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is one of the most important reasons students attend HCS; therefore, we require  all students to attend Chapel. During this time, students enjoy hearing from specially-selected speakers, singing, worshipping, and hearing God’s Word.

We also hold devotions at least twice each week. We require all students to participate as we read and share God’s Word and learn how to apply it in our own lives.
We expect students to bring their Bible and notebook to all Chapel, devotion, and special meetings. We also expect students at the fourth level and above to take notes. Note-taking has a two-fold purpose: to help implant Godly principles and to develop quality classroom skills.

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